What is lexical.io?

Lexical.io is a web app for English language learners that makes it easy to read any text. Using natural language processing, lexical.io can analyze text and annotate it with audio recordings and multilingual data from Wiktionary and Wikipedia.

How do I use it?

1. Select your native language from the menu in the upper right corner.
2. Copy-paste text into the box.
3. Click on any word and start reading effortlessly!

How does it work?

Lexical.io is powered by underlying technologies such as part-of-speech parsing, stemming, text segmentation, and sentence boundary disambiguation. On every click, lexical.io searches for matching data from Wikipedia and Wiktionary and orders the results by relevance. Importantly, lexical.io can also identify multiword expressions, which are notoriusly difficult for learners of English (for example, phrasal verbs, idioms, named entities, compound nominals, light verbs, and more.)

Why sign up?

Registered users have the ability to save previously-read texts, and to save words and definitions they come across while reading.

As lexical.io continues to grow, more features will be added for registered users.